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Mobile DPF cleaning specialist services

Trade inquiries for DPF cleaning and all of our other services are welcome.

We provide a mobile DPF cleaning service (Diesel particulate filter) We only use JLM Liquids undoubtedly the best DPF cleaning fluid on the market. This is a 2 part process with a cleaning fluid added and then a flushing fluid.

We only use the best and most expensive liquids on the market JLM DPF clean and flush fluid. (Not the cheap stuff some may use)

My DPF is blocked, can I clean it without taking it off the car?

Yes, yes you can! If your diesel particulate filter accumulates enough soot to trigger a blockage fault, the job can be done with our flushing fluids. 

We must always make sure we diagnose the vehicle first and then correct the initial fault (where possible) as most DPF blockages more often than not arise from a failed sensor or a sensor starting to fail, There can be so many reasons as to why a DPF light is showing on the dash and not all mean the DPF is full of carbon but could simply mean a sensor is down-stopping the DPF regeneration taking place. Hence we need to diagnose first.

We have a fully comprehensive mechanics traders policy to be able to drive and work on any vehicle and also roadside mechanics insurance, If you would like to drive your own vehicle on the test drive whilst we monitor the DPF live data then this will not be a problem. This is your choice. 


DPF Deep cleaning service

DPF Filter Clean with full diagnostics also a forced Diesel particulate regeneration after. 

Not all vehicles need this service, Mainly for heavily blocked DPFs Or a complete purge of the DPF system.


The DPF Deep Clean Service package

Engine Carbon Clean + DPF Clean + Full vehicle diagnostics check and DPF forced regeneration



The methods below can only be used if the ash (Not carbon) at the back of the DPF is not too high.


If the DPF is not too far overloaded with ash at the back of the DPF and no sensors have failed, then we can sometimes use the far cheaper method of our larger engine carbon cleaning machine, This method also removes Carbon from the engine and EGR valve. and exhaust system. The vehicle we will then need to be driven to lower the carbon out of the DPF and reduce back pressure, and then forced regenerated, The DPF is regenerated after to make sure the DPF is working correctly again, Not all vehicles can be done with this method though, Hence diagnostics first


Depending on the blockage we can sometimes use a JLM spray (A cheaper method) into DPF and force a regeneration whilst driving the vehicle, We only use JLM DPF Products (The best on the market) to dislodge the carbon build-up. This does not include an engine carbon clean. 


Full diagnostics Health check
+Free code removal and DPF Health check included 


For DPF maintenance (Providing no sensors are down)

We would recommend using our brand new (2023 edition) larger carbon busting machine producing a massive 3250 minimum Litres of hydrogen an hour, (Once warmed up it produces about 4000 liters an hour) The dual quad pulsing technology makes our machine 15 times stronger than other machines on the market. This will also shatter the carbon from the engine, EGR valve, and the facia of the DPF and exhaust system.

This does include a forced regeneration. This will also cure some overloaded DPFs. You then take the vehicle for a brisk drive after the service.


DPF Forced Regeneration (only if the level of the soot of the filter allows us to do it) £70.00 (diagnostics included) 

(Why not add an Engine Carbon Clean with a DPF clean for an extra £40.00 1600 liter machine or add our massive 3000 + Litres an hour machine for just £60.00 These prices are only available for this service when other work is carried out) 

Please see the notes below for any DPF.

We receive a vast amount of phone calls just for the DPF to be cleaned. We charge a minimum price of £40.00 Callout charge to diagnose the issue. Please bear in mind we have no idea what is wrong with the vehicle until the diagnostics have taken place, A large number of customers see the DPF lights on and think just a clean will resolve the issue. A DPF is a self-cleaning system if it fails to clean itself then more often than not a sensor has failed. We will not just guess what is wrong with the vehicle. If we then carry out work on your vehicle the diagnostics/Callout fee is removed and just the repair fee is applied.

Please always make sure your vehicle has more than a quarter of a tank of fuel in it, Any less than this and the diesel particulate filter will not regenerate. The vehicle thinks it has not got enough fuel in it to get you home so will stop a DPF from working. This is also needed in the tank to allow us to work on the DPF and get it working again. (More than a quarter of a tank of fuel)

DPF Cleaning Leciester

Service areas we cover. Leicester, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Warwickshire, Derbyshire, Northamptonshire, Staffordshire, Rutland. 

Nottingham, Coventry, Nuneaton, Tamworth, Melton Mowbray, Loughborough, Market Harborough, Wigston Magna, Ashby-de-la-Zouch‎‎, Hinckley‎, Lutterworth‎, Market Bosworth‎,  Measham, Twycross, Atherstone. Shepshed‎, Braunstone Town, Coalville, Earl Shilton, Market Bosworth, Oadby, Syston, Wigston, Enderby.Anstey, Arnesby, Ashby Magna, Aylestone, Barkby, Billesdon Coplow, Birstall, Blaby, Botcheston & Newtown Unthank, Bruntingthorpe, Cold Newton, Cossington, Countesthorpe, Ullesthorpe, Croft, Cropston, Dunton Bassett, Fleckney, Foxton, Gaddesby, Gaulby, Gilmorton, Glen Parva, Glenfield, Glooston, Great Glen, Groby, Gumley, Humberstone, Humberstone Garden City, Hungarton, Illston on the Hill, Keyham, Kibworth Beauchamp, Kibworth Harcourt, Kilby, Kimcote & Walton, Kirby Muxloe, Kirkby Mallory, Loseby, Narborough & Littlethorpe, Newton Harcourt, Newtown Linford, Peatling Magna, Potters Marston, Queniborough, Ratby, Rearsby, Rothley, Saddington, Scraptoft, Shangton, Shearsby, Skeffington, Smeeton Westerby, The Langtons, Theddingworth, Thrussington, Thurcaston, Thurlaston, Thurnby, Bushby Stoughton, Tilton-on-the-Hill, Welham, Whetstone, Willoughby Waterless, East Midlands.

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