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These days we all rely on PCs and laptops for so many things; home working, browsing the internet, shopping, social networking, storing treasured photographs, entertainment etc. etc.

They have become essential in our day to day lives. So when there's a glitch, they're running slow, or you lose valuable data, it throws a massive spanner in the works!

We provide the following services to get you back up and running again ASAP. ​​

  • Repairs & Upgrades

  • Windows installation / Re-installation 

  • Spyware / Virus Removal & Protection   

  • Data Transfer

  • Wireless Network Installation

  • Component Replacements & Upgrades

  • Custom built PC’s 

  • Installing & Updating Software Packages

  • Clean Up Your System & Give It An Annual MOT

  • Graphic Cards Upgrades

Products and services

Car diagnostics
Van Diagnostics
ECU Remapping
Engine Carbon Cleaning
Mobile engine carbon clean
EGR cleaning Leicester
Diesel Particulate Filter blocked
Lower carbon Emissions
Save On Fuel with a carbon clean
Improve Engine Efficiency
Engine tuning service
DPF cleaning
Increased MPG with a carbon clean
Exhaust Blowing Black Smoke?
Increased DPF Regeneration
Car Engine carbon cleaning
Commercial Engines carbon cleaning
ECU remap Diesel
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Van remap​

  • System Fault & Recovery 
  • Data Recovery
  • Data Backup
  • Laptop Replacement screens  
  • Broadband Installation
  • Internet Troubleshooting 
  • RAM / Memory Upgrades
  • Laptop Replacement DC Socket / Jack
  • Configure New Hardware
  • 1-to-1 coaching / IT Training

Products and services

Exhaust Systems carbon clean
DPF regeneration
EGR carbon cleaning
DPF Clean
Turbo carbon cleaning
Regenerate DPF filter
Diesel Engines carbon clean
HGV Engine Carbon clean
Car tuning
remap services
Vehicle Tuning Service
Tuning automobile
Engine tuning Leicester
EGR Delete
DTC codes
Add blue off with a remap
The car failed MOT on exhaust emissions
Throttle body carbon clean

Vans & Fleet - Engine Carbon Clean, Commercial vehicle engine carbon cleaning. Lorries, vans, trucks.

Are you running a single taxi to managing a fleet of vehicles, engine maintenance is a priority to minimise costs and avoid unnecessary time with any vehicles off the road? We have carbon cleaning machines that cover cars, trucks and High Capacity engines to plant machinery to large commercial engines from Buses and Tractors. To ambulances. We can clean all engines.